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Providing affordable timber products to trade and retail customers.

Established in 1882.

quality timber merchants in Waterlooville

Welcome to J F Goodwillie Ltd - the oldest Timber importer and Merchant in Waterlooville (established 1882).


"We are the company with the funny name, and given the fact that many of our customers are builders, we inevitably suffer a high degree of ribald humour - But at least nobody forgets us!"

A. Goodger, Managing Director, J F Goodwillie Ltd.

At a glance

  • A well established family run Timber importer and Merchant, providing affordable timber products to both retail and trade customers

  • FSC ® and PEFC certified

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff will welcome your DIY or professional project

  • 8 acres of stocks to choose from

The best quality wood for a wide range of uses

  • We buy quality timber from abroad, including: Sweden, Finland, Ghana and Slovenia

  • Hardwood such as Oak, Sapele and Beech

  • Customers can buy as little as one metre of timber and can even select the board themselves

  • Red and White Softwoods including Pine, Spruce and Fir in a variety of sizes and grades

  • Unsorted and Vths quality joinery grade softwood available

  • Processed on site

  • Timber can be milled to pattern on site

  • The result is a wide range of quality products for both public and trade customers


Quality timber merchants

in Waterlooville

our quality timber's suitable  for a wide range of uses, including fencing all our timber is FSC and PEFC certified

We may have a modern outlook and approach that suits all customers, but our company is steeped in tradition and experience.


Originally, William Hall started up as a timber merchant in Hambledon but moved half a mile up the road two years later.


At the same time, John F Goodwillie was establishing his business as a cooper, barrel maker and general timber merchant, at St Mathew Wharf in Gosport. He died in 1896 when the business was incorporated by his widow. The two companies were purchased by Fred Baker, the grandfather of the present owners in the 1930s.


The two companies were run in tandem - with Halls specialising in "Home-Grown" English timber and Goodwillies in imported lumber.


J F Goodwillie Ltd have traded at the site, surviving two fires and two world wars ever since!


Despite the efforts of Hitler's bombers to put us out of business (which failed miserably) the two companies survived the war. It was then that our large Waterlooville crane, such a landmark for miles around was built. Goodwillies rapidly outgrew its Gosport site and moved to Waterlooville, where they absorbed their sister company Halls. From here we have continued to import lumber and sheet materials and manufacture timber mouldings.